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Whether you own the hottest new shoe, or you want to breathe life into an oldie-but-goodie....BODYGLAMS are for you! Our couture accessories are created to revolutionize your Shoe Game! We achieve this by creating custom looks with your OWN shoes! How cool is that! Wrap our GLAMS around the hottest, high-end, low-end, new or old shoe, boot or bootie and watch what happens!


AUDREY is an Anklet. She is dainty with a trim of sleek flowers with a hint of glam! Audrey is perfect on heels and booties. (4 hand sewn crystals)

HALLE is an Anklet. She is a simple, glamorous row of sophistication embedded in genuine Feathers or Faux. Halle looks exquisite over heels and booties. (12-14 hand sewn crystals)

COCO is an Anklet. She is a bit more glamorous; showcasing two full rows of crystal embedded in genuine Feathers or Faux. COCO is the perfect compliment to a pair of stilettos and booties. (30-50 hand sewn crystals)

JACQUE is a Mid-Calf Bootlet. She is a fashion forward gem made to create an INSTANT custom boot when placed over stilettos, booties and low or high knee boots. 

JACQUE FOR COWGIRL BOOTS- She is a slightly larger version of Jacque and made to fit cowgirl boots! (4 hand sewn crystals)

MONROE is a Full Leg Bootlet. She is a cutting edge, Full-Leg GLAM made to fit over low and high heel knee boots. The shaft of your boot is completely covered in feathers, and or crystals, fox, mink and faux. 


*You will be amazed by how many custom looks you can create with our GLAMS! Have a blast shopping, and please take time to read through our policies, as they provide valuable information on how we do business.