What if I am not sure about my size or don't have a tape measurer? Please read the "Determine My Size Without a Tape Measure" on the Whats My Size page. If you are still unsure you will need to get a tape measurer. Also, please remember all Anklets and Bootlets are made with adjustable straps.

Are Bodyglams cruelty free? Yes. Our feathers are a byproduct of the food industry. We only use feathers from birds that are consumed daily for nourishment. WE NEVER USE FEATHERS FROM EXOTIC OR ENDANGERED BIRDS. 

Where are Bodyglams made? Texas, USA

What materials are Bodyglams made from? All natural materials, crystals, wire and commercial cotton blend fabrics.

Are the pictures a true depiction of what my Bodyglams will look like? The pictures you see are extremely close to what you will see. Due to using natural feathers, some colors my appear differently in photos. For example: our Rustic Feather appears to be a bright red orange. It is actually a rich rustic-reddish brown. Almost a Conyac color. When this happens a note in the picture will disclose the difference in color. 



How do I clean my Anklets/Bootlets? If your Bodyglams become dirty, simply wipe the feathers with a wet towel to remove the dirt and let your anklets air dry upside down. (tie up your glams and rest them on the crystals with the feathers pointing up) If you have Bootlets, wipe them clean and allow the feathers to air dry face up.

How do I store my Anklets/Bootlets when I'm not wearing them? Anklets- tie the straps in a snug bow and allow your Anklets to rest upside down on the crystals. Be sure they are on a soft surface or in your Bodyglams Box. Bootlets- gently fold and store in your BODYGLAMS box.

What if my Anklets/Boutlets get wet? Allow them to air dry.

Can my anklets/bootlets be repaired? Yes, we ill repair your Bodyglams for a starting fee of $20.00. You will be responsible for shipping your Bodyglams to us. We will cover return shipping cost in the USA. If you have a pair of Bodyglams in need of repair, please email us at contact@bodyglams.com, and we'll return your message within 24-48 hours. If we find that it's a manufacturer defect, we will repair or replace free of charge.

How Long will my Anklets/Bootlets last? For years to come!

Will the crystals on the Anklets/Bootlets break? Yes. If your crystals hit a hard surface with force, they can break. However, if you accidentally dropped them they should not break. If your Anklets/Bootlets break they can be repaired. Simply email us at contact@bodyglams.com.

What happens if one of my crystals break? They can be repaired. The starting cost is $20.00. If they break in the first 30 days and its a manufacturer defect, we will repair or replace your Anklet/Bootlets at no cost to you.

Will the dyed feathers release any color if they are wet? Most feathers used in the fashion industry are dyed; and if they are wet some color can bleed from the feathers. It is recommended to test the feather with water to see if it will bleed, especially if you are wearing a light colored suede or fabric shoe. 

Are the feathers dyed? Yes. Most of our feathers are dyed.


How to wear:

How do I wear the anklets on my ankle? It is recommended to place the Anklets just above or below your ankle. It all depends on your shoe and what's comfortable to you.

Can I wear my anklets/bootlets year round? Anklets-Absolutely. Bootlets- early fall into the winter.

Can I wear the anklets/bootlets with multiple pairs of shoes and boots? Absolutely. Pairing Bodyglams with as many shoes as possible is one of our main goals. We know you love your shoes, but when you want to take them to another level we want you to LOVE your Bodyglams!

What type of clothing should I wear to create the best look? Leggings, skirts, shorts, even with your favorite Teddy! Are glams are SO SEXY!

Are they adjustable? Yes. All Anklets/Bootlets are assembled with adjustable straps.



When will my Bodyglams ship? All Anklets/Bootlets are ready to ship after 7 business days. Please read The Process page for more information.

Once my order is placed when will I receive my Bodyglams? You will receive your glams 10-12 days after your order is placed. That is 7 days to complete your Bodyglams and 3-5 days shipping in the USA. International Shipping is 20-30 days from order date.

What is the cost for shipping? FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders. $50.00/Pair (price subject change) for International shipping.

Can I return my BODYGLAMS? Bodyglams are returnable for a full refund as long as your return is postmarked within 14 days of your delivery date. After the 14th day ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

What happens if my order is lost in the mail? If you have not received your order within 30 days of your shipment date please notify us. We use USPS & UPS for all US orders and DHL for most overseas orders. If either of these carriers do not deliver your package (according to tracking information); you will then need to place a claim with USPS, UPS or DHL. Your email will have shipment dates, tracking and carrier information.

*We are not responsible for any orders lost once they have been delivered to address we have on file.  


Custom Orders:

Are custom orders returnable or refundable? No. All sales are final.

How do you place a custom order? In terms of size you can place a custom order on the product page. If you are wanting to create your own Anklet/Bootlet you will need to email us at contact@bodyglams.com. Please see the CUSTOM ORDER page on our website. 

R.E.P YOU- Don't see the colors that match your favorite team or organization please email us at contact@bodyglams.com to get the ball rolling!








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