What if I am not sure about my size or don't have a tape measurer?

When will my Bodyglams ship?

Are Bodyglams cruelty free?

Where are Bodyglams made?



How do I clean my anklets and bootlets?

How do I store my anklets/bootlets when I'm not wearing them?

What if my anklets/bootlets get wet?

Can my anklets/bootlets be repaired?

Will the crystals on the anklets/bootlets break?

What happens if one of my crystals break?

Will the dyed feathers release any color if they are wet?


How to wear:

How do I wear the anklets on my ankle?

How long will my anklet/bootleg last?

Can I wear my anklets/bootlets year round?

Can I wear the anklets/bootlets with multiple pairs of shoes and boots?

What type of clothing should I wear to create the best look?

Are they adjustable?

What materials are the anklets/bootlets made from?



Once my order is placed when will I receive my Bodyglams?

What is the cost for shipping?

When will my Bodyglams ship?

Can I return my BODYGLAMS?


Custom Orders:

Are custom orders returnable?

How do you place a custom order?









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