BODYGLAMS were created from the want to have couture, high-fashion, runway looks. I would see beautiful designs ripping down the runway, both clothing and shoes. I would wonder, how could I bring that look to my wardrobe. While on the internet shopping for the designer looks I had just seen; I quickly realized there was no way I could not afford these designs! That's when I discovered ANKLETS & BOOTLETS by BODYGLAMS. After messing around with my own high heels and booties, I began to create designs to enhance my shoes without altering the original design of the shoe. After years of sketches, prototypes and money spent; I finally discovered how to make these little beauties transform shoes from Mainstream to Runway in seconds! Whether you own the hottest new shoe or an love an oldie-but-goodie; our Anklets and Bootlets will transform your shoes! One pair of Anklets or Bootlets can transform multiple pairs of shoes! How cool is that! You can create CUSTOM looks with your own shoes!

BODYGLAMS have been sold privately for the past 10 years. We were fortunate to make our debut at an NFL Super Bowl event, and we've been word of mouth ever since. However, after carefully evaluating our company, we decided it was time to let everyone know about our transforming accessories.

At BODYGLAMS we want to honor women love to feel sexy and confident; and who's true power comes from within and not from the outside world! I can not explain the amazing feeling you'll have simply by slipping on a pair of Anklets or Bootlets. Immediately, your walk will become a confident strut and you will feel sexy as hell! 

Don't waste time listening to me! Just try a pair for yourself!

Have fun exploring our GLAMS, and Thank You So Much for believing!


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